C4 is offering a series of ongoing webinars where you will learn best practices and hone your skills in the behavioral health field. We are hosting our webinars free of charge. Currently, there are no continuing education credits available.


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Dirty Little Secrets… Revealed. Growing Revenue Through Superior Utilization Review


Time:          January 9, 2019 @ 1 PM EST


How do you effectively grow your revenue in a time when marketing expenses are increasing and third party reimbursement is steadily decreasing? Maximizing your lengths of authorization in the highest levels of care for your clients allows you to improve the patient experience through a longer treatment stay. It also ensures you are optimizing your revenue per admission opportunity.

In this webinar, Anthony Atkins, Founder & CEO of Atkins & Affiliates, walks you through why and how Utilization Review (UR) is the behavioral health provider’s secret weapon for 2018 per admission revenue expansion. You’ll explore a more collaborative ”care system” way of thinking (including UR as an extension of the treatment team, who is best suited to do UR, case building, peer reviews, appeals and more) and learn how they apply to your program. He will detail what your care management model should look like and what best practices to adopt.

Best of all, Anthony shows you how you can measure UR performance so that the full picture of treatment can be measured. You’ll learn to:

· Develop a more strategic understanding of how to drive longer lengths of stay in the higher levels of care
· Document smarter not harder
· Develop an understanding of how to staff and when to staff to maximize authorization opportunity

This is a can’t-miss webinar for CEOs, Executive Directors, Utilization Review Staff, and Business Development teams.


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Anthony Michael Atkins, CEO

Anthony has worked in the behavioral health field for almost a decade. Before founding Atkins & Affiliates, he oversaw both Utilization Management and contracting for the largest behavioral health company in the world.

While serving in this capacity, he managed the strategic efforts to grow revenue through improving rates and growing length of stay for more than 200 residential programs.

Anthony has also worked at a corporate level for many large managed care organizations and has a detailed understanding of pricing models. Anthony has advanced degrees in both psychology and business management.



Adult ADHD, Amphetamne, Addiction, and the Amygdala


Time:          February 20, 2019 @ 1 PM EST


ADHD and addiction commonly co-occur and each condition affects the course of the other. There is strong evidence for benefit of stimulant medication in treatment of adult ADHD, but frustratingly, these benefits don’t translate well to their use in early recovery. In this presentation, we will consider the evidence for approaches to ADHD in the addiction treatment setting, look at the latest evidence on the nature of adult ADHD, and examine the overlap between childhood trauma and ADHD, including how both conditions are mediated through the amygdala, and the implications of this connection in developing treatment strategies.


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James W. Berry, MD, FASAM

James W. Berry, MD, FASAM, is Board Certified in Family Medicine and in Addiction Medicine He practiced family medicine in rural Maine for 30 years before taking up addiction medicine full-time. He currently works at SMART Child and Family Services and at Mercy hospital in Portland.



Using Measurement Based Care & Outcomes Research to Improve Treatment Effectiveness & Your Bottom Line


Time:          March 13, 2019 @ 1 PM EST


Research shows that patients get better faster when their clinicians use patient-reported data to inform clinical care. We’ll explain why measurement based care works so well, share real-world stories of how it has helped clinicians provide better treatment to their patients, and discuss multiple implementation options.

We’ll also discuss how treatment pioneers can use post-treatment outcomes data to attract more private-pay clients, earn in-network coverage, negotiate pay-for-performance bonuses, and develop a strategic action plan to further improve their program’s results. Summary results from Vista Research’s 2018 Addiction Treatment Outcomes report will be presented.


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Joanna Conti, BS, MS

As her daughter cycled in and out of multiple alcoholism treatment programs, Conti became very frustrated by the lack of success rate data available to help families identify the best facilities. A serial entrepreneur who had previously started software and consulting companies as well as an international nonprofit, Conti launched Vista Research Group in September 2016 to help treatment programs cost-effectively measure and improve their treatment success rates.



The Power of Personality: Enneagram and Client Breakthroughs


Time:          April 17, 2019 @ 1 PM EST


Learn a new way to understand your clients (and yourself) through the Power of Personality. In this upbeat and stimulating workshop, Crystal will introduce you to the basics of the Enneagram, take you through each of the 9 Types, and show you how to use David Daniel’s Stanford Inventory.

Do you ever feel stuck in your work with clients? The Enneagram is an excellent tool for taking communication to the next level and fostering deep compassion for differences between people. Crystal has used the Enneagram to find a common language between herself, clients and their family which facilitates breakthroughs and healing.


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Crystal Stokes, MACP, MFTA

Crystal Stokes is the founder of Authentic Freedom, a psychology-health coaching hybrid practice focused on igniting women to live radically real, untamed lives.

Over the last 15+ years, she developed her unique approach in leading women along a coaching journey to ultimately love their body, create profoundly loving relationships, and to engage in purpose and passion based work that creates prosperity and joy.

Crystal uses the ideal blend of science-based best practices in cognitive behavioral, transpersonal, and psychodynamic psychology along with compassion, playfulness and nature-sourced presence in her work with clients.

Crystal is a Ph.D. student at Pacifica Graduate Institute, holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Sofia University, and a Bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from North Carolina State University. She also works as an associate MFT for Mission Harbor Behavioral Health and Anxiety Experts in Santa Barbara, CA.


Gender Responsive Treatment Approaches for Adult Women Throughout the Continuum of Care


Time:          June 19, 2019 @ 1 PM EST


This webinar presents a framework for a gender responsive treatment approach for adult women with substance use disorders. A significant percentage of women presenting for substance use treatment often report a history of trauma as well as difficulty in developing and maintaining meaningful, healthy and sustaining relationships. Shame and fear of severe consequences may result in the denial or minimization of the existence of a problem. This in addition to society’s stereotypes of women, often result in women remaining stuck in their substance use longer. These experiences further reinforce the importance of providing gender responsive and trauma informed treatment approaches. We will discuss specific treatment needs of women across the various levels of care while also describing specific clinical interventions to facilitate women’s substance use treatment.


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Mary Anne Roy, PsyD, CCS

Dr. Roy is a licensed psychologist and certified clinical supervisor and received her doctorate in psychology at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Her 15-year career in the mental health and addiction field has provided her with the experience and expertise to oversee Crossroads’ outpatient and residential clinical practices at the agency’s four sites. Dr. Roy often presents on the topic of gender responsive addiction treatment for women either as a panelist or at various state and national conferences.



Emerging Digital Health Technologies and Continuing Care


Time:          July 24, 2019 @ 1 PM EST


Many patients, perhaps the majority, do not engage in standard continuing care although it may be available for them. This creates a strong case for the importance of new continuing care models that can supplement, and in some cases replace, the traditional clinical-based approach. Emerging digital health technologies (DHT’s) show promise for helping both to refine therapies for the client’s individual needs while providing support in settings beyond the clinic. This webinar is designed for treatment personnel who want to consider offering continuing care and support services via the Internet for individual, group, family or alumni completing initial recovery programs. Participants will be introduced to basic ethical practices that will enable them to introduce and implement secure Internet technology into the clinical setting and ongoing care plan.


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Arthur Trotzky, PhD, DCC

Dr Arthur Trotzky, a pioneer in online therapy and an internationally known addiction treatment specialist was a senior therapist at the Kibbutz Child and Family Clinic for 27 years and Clinical Director of Israel’s first 12-step rehabilitation centers. website: www.onlinegrouptherapy.com



Medical Cannabis and Addiction Medicine Practice Consequences


Time:          August 21, 2019 @ 3 PM EST


The prevalence of cannabis use for purported medical indications increases in stated that adopt medical marijuana laws. A firm understanding of the association between cannabis use and substance use disorder treatment management is critical to the modern practice of addiction medicine. This lunchtime luncheon didactic will review the literatures related to cannabis use and other substance use disorders. A discussion addressing modern addiction medicine practices and implications for patients who use cannabis will be provided. The bulk of the workshop will then introduce several practical clinical approaches that addiction medicine clinicians can use when providing medical care to patients who use cannabis, including those who have been issued cards authorizing the possession and use of cannabis for purported medical indications. The session will conclude by introducing a motivational interviewing technique that can be used to evoke a patients’ own motivation and commitment to change their cannabis use.


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Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, DFASAM

Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, DFASAM is an addition psychiatrist and the Director of Addiction Medicine at the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Brian is currently the Treasurer of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).