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The Elephant in the Middle of the Examining Room – Doctor Depression, Anxiety and Suicide


Original Broadcast Date:      July 26, 2018 @ 1 PM EST


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When you think about going to visit your doctor or health practitioner you most often think about a man or woman who has dedicated their lives to healing others. You may feel relief as you believe the doctor is here to help navigate you through whatever ails you. Rarely do you think beyond that and wonder, “How is my doctor doing today?”

Abraham Varghese teaches us in the “The Tennis Partner” that doctors are more than their persona. David, the talented resident, is much more than his depression, his addiction, his insecurities or his self-effacement.

Likewise, there are well documented accountings of interns, residents and doctors who, for many reasons, turn to drugs and take their own lives. This interactive presentation examines how to take care of the caretaker.

In fact, “more than 920,000 Americans lose their doctors to suicide each year.”


Louise Stanger, EdD, LCSW, CWDF, CIP

Louise Stanger has published on this issue in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, DB Resources, Journal of Alcohol Studies, The Sober World, Recovery Campus, Counselor Magazine, Campus Recovery, Addiction Blog and other media. Her articles on Doctors etc. have received national and international recognition. The San Diego Business Journal listed her as one of the “Top 10 Women Who Mean Business” and is considered by Quit Alcohol as one of the Top 10 Interventionists in the country. She speaks all over the country and trains staff at Paradigm Malibu, Paradigm, San Rafael, New Found Life, Lakeview Health etc. and develops original Family programs such as the one at Driftwood Recovery in Austin Texas. She was awarded 2014 Foundations Fan Favorite Speaker Award and the 2016 Joseph L. Galletta Spirit of Recovery Award. Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal is available on Amazon and Learn to Thrive: An Intervention Handbook on her website at http:/.www.allaboutinterventions.com . She is the 2017 recipient of the International DB Resources Journalist of the Year Award and 2018 Forgiveness for Living Plus Awards Honoree.


Brave-Hearted Leadership


Original Broadcast Date:      June 20, 2018 @ 2 PM EST


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Happier companies are more creative, productive, and as a result, more successful. Since research has determined that when it comes to job satisfaction and happiness at work, one’s relationship with their boss matters even more than the size of their paycheck, it is vital for leaders to create a culture where employees feel appreciated and part of a larger vision, and for leaders to feel a sense of purpose, satisfaction and happiness themselves as they move their business to the next level.

This webinar will draw on principles of Positive Psychology, Coaching, Psychodrama and Sociometry to provide evidence-based, easily-implementable tools, at both the micro and macro level, to help leaders effect change on an individual and organizational level, and take their organization to the next level.

Jean Campbell, LCSW, CIPP, CPC, TEP

Jean Campbell, LCSW, CIPP, CPC, TEP spent 11 years in the corporate sector, resulting in her role as Director of Operations for a multi-million dollar organization. In her over 22 years in the behavioral health field, she has served as Family Program Director, Clinical Director, provided team building and organizational development in clinical, business and medical settings and has led ongoing training groups for professionals. Jean blends her clinical and business backgrounds, as well as her training in Sociometry, Psychodrama, Coaching and Positive Psychology to support leaders in their personal and organizational growth, and believes that what we can’t do alone, we can do together.


When the 12-Steps Aren’t Enough: The Use of Exposure With Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy in the Treatment of Substance Use


Original Broadcast Date:      May 17, 2018 @ 1 PM EST


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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in America, and are often the driving force behind substance use. However, few therapists are trained in the top, evidence-based treatment for the anxiety spectrum- Exposure With Response Prevention (ERP). Learn from an ERP expert about the basic principles behind the most powerful treatment in the mental health field.


Andrea Kulberg, PhD

Dr. Kulberg is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience in the treatment of eating disorders and anxiety disorders. She has been employed in various hospital, residential and outpatient settings, including Eating Recovery Center of Denver’s Child & Adolescent Eating Disorders Program. She is currently the Clinical Director at La Ventana of Santa Barbara, a partial hospital and intensive outpatient center for the treatment of eating disorders and other mental health problems. Due to her background in clinical neuropsychology, Dr. Kulberg brings an understanding of brain-behavior relationships to her work, and is able to treat complex cases wherein patients may have developmental challenges or acquired neurological problems. After her initial training in San Diego at Alliant International University, Dr. Kulberg taught psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Turning Points: Incorporating Ritual in Addiction Recovery


Original Broadcast Date:      April 18, 2018 @ 3 PM EST


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Treating addiction is not merely clinical — there are matters of heart which challenge even the most skilled treatment providers to address. This workshop assists clinicians in shaping patient-centered rituals to effect change and enhance motivation and meaning. Ritual opportunities are identified and various examples are given to illustrate the variety of ways patients, families, groups, and communities mark stages, passages, and recovery milestones. Concerns are identified that relate to patient background and preferences – not every ritual suits every need. Finally, a general outline of ritual form and varied examples of ritual content serve as a foundational “how-to” resource for clinicians and patients who seek to enact movement in their recovery through ritual experience.


Jack Abel, MDiv, MBA

Rev. Jack Abel, MDiv, MBA is Senior Director of Spiritual Care for Caron Treatment Centers. In this role, he leads Caron’s integrated spiritual care team and speaks for Caron on spirituality in addiction and other behavioral health care. Co-founder and current president of Spiritual Care Addiction Treatment Professionals, Rev. Jack also serves as CFO of the Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation. He is an ordained minister in good standing in the United Church of Christ and a summa cum laude graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary. Jack also pursued advanced studies at Catholic University and The New Seminary, and previously served as an endorsed substance abuse chaplain and pastor in the United Methodist Church. He is the principal presider for Caron’s weekly Chapel Service. He is also a member in good standing of the North American Academy of Liturgy and A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy.


Building and Growing a Treatment Brand Online


Original Broadcast Date:      March 15, 2018 @ 1 PM EST


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Your organization’s brand exists whether you think so or not. In a crowded market like Behavioral Healthcare, a robust brand platform and an integrated online strategy are your ultimate competitive advantages within the internet’s unique marketing opportunities. This webinar will focus on intentionally crafting your brand’s personality, values, and identity to help you to create more cohesive and impactful marketing materials and campaigns.


Alexander Diner

Alexander is a designer and brand strategist based in Denver, Colorado. He has worked with many companies across a broad spectrum of industries to use design-thinking and branding to achieve critical business goals. Today, he operates a small design studio and consultancy called Shapemaker, focused solely on helping founders and executives to use design to achieve growth and success in their organizations.


Dogukan Ozgen, MA

Dogukan has worked in the education and behavioral healthcare sectors for over 7 years, focusing primarily on business development, marketing and digital growth. In his leaderships roles, Dogukan has been responsible for building training programs from start-up to operational oversight for more than 50,000 participants per year in 6 different European and Middle Eastern countries. He has also executed digital and overseas operations for international treatment centers and education communities. Dogukan holds a BA and MA in Economics and is currently a PhD candidate in Istanbul University.


Organizational Health: Growing Sustainable Culture for Behavioral Treatment Providers


With rapidly changing conditions of the behavioral health business landscape, the greatest asset of any organization is often prioritized the least: Organizational Health. This presentation will offer perspective into the historical landscape of organizational health challenges from the providers’ perspective. We will examine common organizational behaviors, habits, and responses to systemic health challenges exhibited by treatment providers, and explore solution-oriented approaches to growing a sustainable culture of progressive organizational health.

Original Broadcast Date:      February 15, 2018 @ 1 PM EST


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Jonathan De Carlo, CAC III

Jonathan De Carlo, CAC III, is the CEO of C4 Consulting, a firm focused on the business of mental health and addiction treatment organizations. C4 Consulting helps clients improve financial performance, enhance competitive positions, and achieve the most productive organizational alignment among staff, management, and board members. He also serves as the Director of Operations at Recovery 360°, providing psychosocial rehabilitation, individual, group, marriage, and family therapy the Colorado Front Range area. Jonathan is a board member of the Colorado Association of Addiction Professionals (CAAP), serves on the board of directors for the Stout Street Foundation. He is a Helping Men Recover Certified Trainer with Griffin Recovery Enterprises. Over the past 20 years in behavioral health services, Jonathan has specialized in providing increased efficacy in numerous organizations, driving business growth and service integrity.